Sequin Hanger DIY

We LOVE the look of GLAM hangers but the price tag....not so much!  So we made our own....and you can too! It's super easy...(seriously it takes less than 10 minutes) and CHEAP (one DIY hanger cost less than $5) so here's how!


You'll need.......glue (we used hot glue but spray glue works great too), sequin elastic ribbon (available at any craft store), a hanger, a pair of scissors.


Next, just dab a little glue on the edge of the hanger and start wrapping the elastic around! It's that easy!



Continue wrapping the sequin elastic and dabbing glue where needed



and VIOLA....the finished product!!!

We told you it was THAT easy, QUICK, and CHEAP!  Use your new sequin hanger to display your most beloved dresses or hang your favorite quote on the wall....the options are endless!  Get to crafting!



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