Winter Fashion Trends

Winter fashion can be a difficult thing to master. You want to make sure that you look good while also making sure that you are dressed warmly enough to brave the treacherous weather that awaits outside your door. Keep reading to learn how you can stay bundled up this winter and still be on trend.


Light Colors and Floral Prints

Typically, winter is reserved for dark or neutral colors and the lighter colors and florals are reserved for spring. That is not the case this winter, since fashion designers from all over the globe have added light colors and flowered patterns not only into their clothing lines, but into their accessories as well. Colors like light pink, peach lavender and even reds are being featured the most in these popular winter lines.


Jogging Suits

For the comfort lovers, the use of jogging suits is a welcomed change. Most designers are streamlining the look with tighter silhouettes and classic accessories.


Neutral Checkered Patterns

You can never go wrong with neutrals in your wardrobe. This winter, fashion designers took these neutrals a step forward by adding neutral checkered fabrics into their outerwear designs.


Moto Jackets

It should come as no surprise that moto jackets are making a reappearance this winter since we saw bomber jackets come back on the scene this fall. Adding one of these stylish jackets to your wardrobe will bring a touch of edginess to any outfit.


Army Green Knit

This color seems to be a classic no matter what season it is and has proven so by carrying on into winter. Most designers are pairing this timeless color with knit patterns to add warmth to their designs.


Corsets and Victorian

More prevalent in the high fashion world, these high necklines and structured bodices tend to show in the most prevalent high fashion shows this winter.



Yes, you read that correctly. Velvet has come back full swing, mostly appearing in deeper shades such as midnight blues and royal purples.


Colorful Furs

A more controversial fashion statement has presented itself this winter in the form of colorful furs. Even leopard print has made an appearance in some of the winter fashion shows. While some may opt for faux fur, these dip-dyed outer coats are sure to make a statement either way.


Puffer Jackets

These warm jackets that seem to turn people into giant marshmallows are back in style this winter. For the sake of warmth, everyone seems pleased with their return.


Shimmer and Shine

Different fabrics are being used by designers to give a bit of glam to otherwise dull winter wardrobes. Whether it be the use of satin, sequins, lurex, or vinyl, adding a touch of shimmer to your wardrobe this winter will keep you on trend.


By following these newest trends on your next shopping trip, and combining them with your own unique sense of style, you are sure to concoct a fabulous winter wardrobe filled with all of the on-trend pieces for this season. As celebrity fashion designer Rachel Zoe once said, “Fashion is a way to say who you are, without ever having to speak.”

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